Sculptures 2018


Upcoming Exhibit:

Opening on July 2, 2019, 5pm - 10pm

July 3rd-7th 2019, 12pm - 8pm

Montreal, Canada

Sponsored by the sublime microbrewry DIEU DU CIEL! and the delicious wine VIGNOBLE DES 30 ARPENTS.


Gallery “Le 1040” • Visit the gallery’s page HERE (French)

Foreign Totemic Hierarchies is first and foremost a humble homage to the elegant forces of the universe, expressed by physically displaying our deep connection and relation with Harmony via the beauty of order and symmetry. Then, it aims at triggering each person’s unique sensitivity to the psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia. Most hints are obvious, but still lots aren’t. In fact, even as the creator, Pat keeps being shown by other people, examples in his designs that he had not even seen himself before, just like a Rorschach test can be interpreted differently by anyone. Plus, in the process, he wishes to open the viewers’ mind as to what other alien life might construct as social ranks in their own distant worlds, hoping one can imagine the potential myths and stories that lie behind the various physiognomies as well as their importance through positioning and proportion.

This collection was first based on collages made from various but specific groups of elements such as mushrooms, church architecture, marine life, while others purely originated from abstract digital

paintings made specifically for this project. Through selected kaleidoscopic manipulations and extensive coloring explorations, Pat then reassembled them into tridimensional constructions with totem-like structures or imbricated facial ensembles, all of which offer a visually varied interpretation that can be seen as much in detail as in an overall view.